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Crecer + brings together individual and corporate investors, entrepreneurs, managers, family offices, and representatives of venture capital funds.

Investors come to the network with the aim of investing in innovative business projects with growth potential.

Investments are made either individually or in co-investment processes with other members of the network or with venture capital funds and even with members of other investor networks with which there is a frequent relationship. The members of Crecer + are active investors.


Project acquisition

  • Crecer + has various sources for attracting projects looking for those that fit the profiles of network investors. The members of the network themselves also bring attractive projects for them seeking co-investment from other members. In addition, we collaborate with other entities and networks of investors that provide us with projects.

Project selection

  • Crecer + carries out an initial selection of the projects received in accordance with the criteria of the investors it represents. This selection is made through an interview with the entrepreneur. Once the project goes through the first selection stage, the entrepreneur will have to fill in a summary form to go to the pre-selection phase for the investment forum.
  • The final selection of projects for the forum is made with the participation of the network’s investor members one month before the investment forum is held.
  • Once the entrepreneurial projects have been selected, three individualpreparation sessions will be held according to our own methodology sothat they are adequately prepared for the forum. These sessions focus on forecasts and funding needs and on presentation.

Project visibility

  • In the event that there is a project that does not meet the initial criteria, but it may be of interest to any of the Crecer + investors, the team should send it to said investor in a personalised way.

Post-forum project monitoring

  • After the forum, and based on the interest shown by investors, the network managers will prepare a first group or individual follow-up meeting according to investors’ preferences.
  • After the first meeting, the network managers will make themselves available to the parties to participate in subsequent meetings.

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