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Deusto Hall of Residence promotes a number of activities to contribute to the all-embracing training of its residents

  • Sports activities such as football and basketball, both men’s and women’s, aerobics, squash, body building.
  • Cultural activities such as film-forum, coffee-talks, lectures.
  • Social activities like volunteering, recycling.
  • Training activities including discussion groups, a number of recreational activities like table games, pools and a photography workshop.

Grants award ceremony at Deusto Hall of Residence

The start of the academic year at the Hall is full of activities. One of the most important ones is the Grants Award Ceremony for Senior Residents.

This event is held on the last Saturday in September in the Main Ceremonial Hall at the University of Deusto and is usually presided over by the Rector.

Being granted an award is a special distinction that takes into account the number of years spent as a Hall resident, academic performance, participation in the Hall's activities and the assimilation of the values promoted by the Deusto Hall.

After the applicant’s request in a reasoned letter, the grant is awarded once all his/her merits have been assessed by the Management and the three “Superdeans” (residents' representatives) from the Hall of Residence.

This Grants Award ceremony is the most solemn moment in all the Halls of Residence, which is attended by senior residents’ relatives and former and current residents. During this event, a brief review is made of all the activities that were held in the past year and those residents completing their studies, and hence their stay at the Hall, are also presented with their awards. Some of the new Senior Residents, the Centre’s Director, or some of the outgoing residents usually make a small address during the ceremony, which is brought to a close by the Rector and the singing of the “Gaudeamus igitur…”. A choir’s performance is held in the interval. A mass is also held before this academic ceremony, which ends with a special lunch and an evening party. This event is usually attended by the directors of other Halls of Residence as special guests.

Sports Finals

The “Finals” are a sports and social activity held at the Hall. They bring all the sports competitions that are held throughout the year to a close. These include: five-a-side football, basketball, table tennis, paddle, cards and other table games. These championships are organised by residents themselves and are held at the courts and the University's sports facilities.

Of course, the football and basketball finals bring together most of the residents, who cheer up their flatmates.

These finals are held around April, depending on the academic year calendar.

After the sports finals, a special fellowship dinner is held in the Hall’s dining rooms, which is attended by all the residents.