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At the start of the academic year there will be an outing so that new residents can meet together and get to know each other.

The outing will be held in a natural environment that will allow to combine both play and sport with other activities or talks to help new residents become familiar with the Hall and adapt to it more easily. Typically, outings last one day and a half and the latest destinations were Barria, Zuhatza and Loiola.
This is a highly rated activity by residents.



“MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO”: Health is a key aspect in every person’s life and increasing studies have shown that practising a sport regularly improves our health. Our aim is to offer a wide range of activities to help each person find one that best suits their preferences and needs.

In principle, sport improves mobility; it helps to maintain a stable weight and control our circulatory system and it is also beneficial for our nervous system. We propose activities and provide information about the benefits each of them offers both to our physical and mental health, while at the same time taking into account our residents' preferences. Workshops are held every four months and we offer two one-hour weekly sessions.

We have professional instructors with demonstrated experience.

Some of the most usual activities include: five-a-side football, basketball, crossfit, zumba, functional training, body core, fitness… Other occasional activities are: yoga; self-defence

We have a gym with a fitness room and a multipurpose room and another room equipped for multifunctional training. We also work on health from an emotional point of view with activities such as Mindfulness or training through coffee talks in which experts in the field provide tools to deal with day-to-day situations.




 Café coloquio

Coffee talks are our flagship activity. In this activity a number of expert guests from various fields share their experience with our hall residents around a table.
In the 2017-2018 academic year, participants included: Borja Semper; Román Monasterio and Iago Parga (engineers from Enarlan company); Iñigo Urkullu; Mª Jesús Gómez and Inés Soria, judges; Santiago Larrazabal, lecturer in Constitutional Law at the University of Deusto; Andoni Aranzabe, from International Amnesty; Covadonga Aldamiz-Echevarría, Deputy Government Representative; Iker Legardon and José Angel Seoane, specialists in abuse, gender-based violence and drug offences.

The Film-forum is also one of the Hall’s traditional activities and there are social activities such as volunteering or specific awareness campaigns on issues such as sustainable consumption, recycling, health...
Christmas Concert
Themed dinners
There are also recreational activities such as Mus championship, table games, billiards…


Grants award ceremony

The Hall’s academic event par excellence is the grants award ceremony for senior residents that is held at the University of Deusto’s main ceremonial hall

Paraninfo de la Universidad de Deusto

This academic event is usually presided over by the Rector of the University of Deusto. Being granted an award is a special distinction that takes into account the number of years spent as a Hall resident (as it is granted in the second or third year of residence), academic performance, participation in the Hall's activities and the assimilation of the values promoted by the Deusto Hall.

After the applicant’s request in a reasoned letter, the grant is awarded once the applicants’ merits have been assessed by the Governing Board.

This Grants Award ceremony is the most solemn moment in all Halls of Residence, which is attended by senior residents’ relatives and former and current residents. This event is usually attended by management team members and representatives of the governing board of other Halls as special guests.
Before this academic ceremony, a mass is held in the Gothic chapel of the University of Deusto. This event is usually attended by senior residents, the director of Deusto Hall of Residence and the Rector, who brings it to a close, and it ends with the signing of the "Gaudeamos igitur". This is followed by a canapé reception for guests and a special meal for the rest of hall residents. A celebration will be later held in the afternoon by hall residents.



In addition to the above activities, the Deusto Hall residents can take part in the activities offered by the University of Deusto through Deusto Campus. They can also use sports facilities available and the CRAI library (Resource Centre for Learning and Research) on the same conditions as university students.

Deusto Campus