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Plataforma Género

08 de marzo, miércoles - Bilbao

The European Commission awards the 2017 EU Prize for Women Innovators

23 de marzo, jueves - Bilbao

Research Seminar on GENDER VIOLENCE FROM AN INTERSECTIONAL PERSPECTIVE, delivered by Lorena Sosa (Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, University of Utrecht)

23 de marzo, jueves - Bilbao

Closing of the II and opening of the III MET Basque Country Programme

30 de marzo, jueves

Prof. Mari Luz Guenaga will participate in the workshop “Women and TIC” next 29 and 30th of March

27 de marzo, lunes - San Sebastián

The work of the gender interdisciplinary platform as example of social Impact of Research

20 de marzo, lunes - Bilbao

First Conference on the Social Impact of Deusto’s Research

05 de abril, miércoles - Bilbao

SAVE THE DATE - Ada Bryron Award to the Women in Technology, 5 April 2017

16 de febrero, jueves - Bilbao

Carmen Bernabé receives the 2017 Zirgari Sariak Award

08 de febrero, miércoles - Bilbao

Deusto researchers present a report about the resources of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia for tackling gender violence

02 de marzo, jueves - Bilbao

The University of Deusto addresses the role of women technologist with a video made by "Vaya Semanita" team

01 de febrero, miércoles - Bilbao

The DEUSTO INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH SCHOOL (DIRS) opens the second call to recruit 8 Marie Sklodowska-Curie researchers